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Episode 2 is out! Episode 3 will be slower.

2011-01-21 21:23:36 by Reztic

Well I finally dished out episode 2 to Newgrounds. It did about .5 better than episode 1, so I'm happy. A couple of things will be delaying episode 3:
- Editing a few sprite sheets
- Searching for better sound effects
- Not starting until I get CS4 or CS5.

A big twist is coming up in the new episode that will change our heroes fate forever.


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2011-07-05 20:12:07

Well thats cool, i still don't get the story of what your making, just to be honest. still i will be waiting for more. really. wait are you new at making flash animations, at least you know, cause i still don't know how to make any flash animations! still looking forward for more. Good Luck!